Neil Young & His Archives

For the past 10 years Neil Young has been threatening to release a massive 40 disc set of unreleased material he’s collected since the days of Buffalo Springfield. Tentative release dates have come and gone, but it now seems we may finally get a taste of whats in store…Late last year (and well under the radar), Young released a 6 song live disc from a Fillmore East show in 1970. The show was one of the first ever with Crazy Horse and featured some of the most mind blowing jams he’s ever put on disc (both Cowgirl in the Sand & Down By the Rive clock in at over 12 minutes) and fueled speculation that more is to come…

Billboard is now reporting that Young will be releasing the second disc from his archives ‘Live at Massey Hall 1971.’ The disc will feature Young performing some of his most-beloved songs solo, including Harvest, Heart of Gold, Don’t Let It Bring You Down, Old Man, Ohio.

All we can say is bring it on! Download the Neil Young Search Toolbar to keep updated with the latest.