Tommy Ramone – Blitzkrieg Bluegrass

I love the Ramones. I also love Bluegrass music. Thus there was nothing that made me happier than to learn that Tommy Ramone – original drummer for The Ramones – has started a new bluegrass group, Uncle Monk.

“We are doing what feels natural to us,” says Ramone. “We are making use of string-band instrumentation along with alternative rock flavorings. We’re drawn to the classic simplicity of string-band music, but at the same time we are deeply involved with the aesthetics of indie music. There is a similarity between punk and old-time music — both are home-brewed as opposed to schooled. Both have earthy energy. And there is a certain cool in old-time music that is found in the best alternative artists.”

While i cannot guarantee this will be good, the odds are its better than Dee Dee Ramone’s late 80’s hip-hop record, which according to critic Matt Carlson, “will go down in the annals of pop culture as one of the worst recordings of all time.”