SXSW in Austin, TX

Next week is spring break for the music industry. Musicians, business men and all shady characters in-between head down to Austin, TX the week of March 14 for the annual SXSW Music Conference & Festival. Over a 1000 bands will be performing, most of whom nobody has ever heard of today, but will be all over Pitchfork and Rolling Stone in a few months from now. It’s really a beautiful thing.

The festival also serves as a conference and hundreds of industry professionals, including myself, are scheduled to speak about the state of the industry and which bands truly do rule.I’m speaking at the Convention Center trade-showroom at 1:30pm on Friday, March 16. I’m not sure what I will be discussing but it will be a one-on-one discussion with Rhapsody’s executive editor, Tim Quirk. If there is anyone who reads this blog and is heading down to SXSW – lets meet up!

We can talk all about Search & Win