The SXSW Buzz

We’ve been in Austin, TX for the past few days, buzzing around the SXSW interactive conference (in anticipation of the music festival which begins tommorow!).

Although we are surrounded by techies, we’ve managed to catch a few GREAT bands that are worth noting…

Last night our friends at Yahoo! threw a party that featured a new band on Astral Werks called The Little One’s. Think the Arcade Fire meets Brian Eno. The band currently has an EP out and will be releasing their debut full-length in a couple months.

The other great surprise was a band called The Lemurs . Although the band is one of the most popular in Austin, they remain unsigned and unknown beyond this town. Hopefully not for long though. The band rocks in the same way that Bloc Party, Interpol and the Strokes have rocked before. Their show is high energy and the melodies are candy to the year.

More to come soon…Stay tuned.