Meatloaf Gets Sick, Search & Win Contest Winner (and friends) Wish Him Well…

Sadly, our beloved Meatloaf has an ear infection and was forced to cancel his two night stand at the theatre at Madison Square Garden. Our Search with Meatloaf contest winner, Ginger Bonner, will now meet & greet Meatloaf at his re-scheduled event on July 20th at Madison Square Garden.

Ginger was thoughtful enough to write Meat a letter and send a get well picture:

Dear Meat,
Hi! Im Ginger the tambourine lady and Im attaching a picture of my “Old Folks Rock” band.(not that anyone plays any instruments lol) Im an activity director in an assisted living center and even way before I won the “Meat and greet” contest by using the searchbar, all my people, mostly in their 80s(up to 100!) ,knew all about you and knew a lot of your songs. I was planning on bringing this picture to meet you tomorrow night but just got the sad knews about your ear.We were in the middle of Meat Loaf karaoke when I got the call!! I had Meat Loaf Day with the old folks today! They even call me Mrs Meat!All the activities had to do with you! Hey, maybe thats what made your ears ring!! I sure hope this letter finds you feeling better and I am just as much looking forward to meeting you in July as I wouldve been to meet you tomorrow. With love from all the seniors at Amber Court who send this message…. “Whatever you do, get well soon and never stop rockin!!

(PS Im also the tambourine lady in a real band and my ultimate fantasy is to play one song with you in July ;))

PSS Here’s a link to my journal “Old Folks Rock”. This entry is all about you and my people!!
Keep Rockin!!,

Don’t forget to search and Win – Rock and Roll dreams DO come true: