Use Swag Bucks to Buy Vintage Records

Since launching SwagBucks we’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive reaction toward the Vintage Records that can be purchased. Although the original concept was to only award records that were listed in Rolling Stones Top 500 list it became very clear that we were shutting out some amazing records. I mean, is Jackson Browne’s ‘The Pretender’ (which is on the Rolling Stone list), really that much better than Grateful Dead’s “Workingman’s Dead,” or John Mellencamps’s “Scarecrow”(both of which are not on the list?). So to be true to the word ‘classic’ Team Search Win Merch is handpicking a selection of records that will also be grouped into this prize category. For example we are taking the liberty of adding John Lennon’s “Double Fantasy,” Eagles “Hotel California,” and “The Long Run,” Fleetwood Mac “Tusk,” and Cat Steven’s “Catch a Bull at Four,” to to the prize pool. Snag one of these old school records and you won’t be disappointed.