Crooked X Rocks, Sale @ Their Swag Store!

On Monday night Team Swag Bucks was lucky enough to be one of a few music industry execs to be invited to watch MTV’s newest sensation, Crooked X do a private performance at the Red Bull offices (which are frickin’ sweet, by the way).

The band is about to release their debut record on EMI, launch a TV show on MTV, and you will also hear four songs on the upcoming version of Rock Band. Needless to say the band is on the verge of blowing up HUGE.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the band and their management company for sometime now and have even launched a search & win site for the band. In celebration of the forthcoming album release we’ve put a whole bunch of Crooked X autographed items on sale! Check out their Swag Store.

Oh, did I mention that the oldest member of the band is 14 years old and they rock as hard as Disturbed or Alice in Chains? Really. Check out the music – at the band’s MySpace page. We think these kids are the real deal, let us know what you think.