Hanging VIP with KISS in Vegas!

I want to apologize for the lack of blogs this week, its been a busy one as we are preparing for some MAJOR site launches, and building out a slew of new features that we will unveil this month! Needless to say we are very excited about it all..

However, In between this hard work we managed to sneak out to Las Vegas for a night to watch KISS perform their “Alive 35” show at the Palms. Team Swag Buck’er Scott snapped these pictures of Gene Simmons in full glory and Team Swag Buck executives Hab H. and Ron. L backstage in the band’s dressing room.

This week will be adding a handful of collectibles from this show to the Search with KISS Swag Store. If you haven’t been to the band’s Swag Store in a bit check it out – we’ve recently added some SUPER RARE autographed items, Alive 35 guitar picks (and show used guitar picks), Gold Records and more! Check it out here