Create a Widget – Get Free Swag Bucks!

After having so much fun with last night, we thought it’d be fun to have YOU – super Swag Buck fan – create your own Swag Bucks widget! And as a bonus, everyone who creates a Swag Bucks widget at will get a couple free Swag Bucks! On November 1st, after we review all the widgets created, we’ll choose 1 as the best and award that user 50 FREE Swag Bucks!!

How will this work? Its simple!

1) Go to

2) Sign up and create a widget – it only takes minutes!

The widget can be anything Swag Bucks related (but don’t duplicate the blog widget we already made, we will not award any Swag Bucks for that). You can focus it to your favorite search and win site, your favorite prize – anything!! Be sure to incorporate your referral links and banners in the blog so when you start spreading it around you can earn matching Bucks every day!

After you’ve created your widget send the link to: theswagguy (at)

We’ll periodically post the widgets on the blog – now get to it!!

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