And the winner is…SWAGGERNAUTS!!

by TSG on Mon, November 17th, 2008 at 6:46 pm

What’s up Swaggernauts?!

Let the celebration begin! Thousands of members of Swag Nation came out in droves to vote on what they wanted to be called and we listened.

Thanks to every one that submitted a name and voted, but there are two people we all owe a little debt of gratitude. Swaggernauts John M. and Mickey S. each suggested the winning name and therefore have each won 25 free Swag Bucks! Even better than the free Swag Bucks( if there is such a thing) is the pride that they will forever feel for coming up with the name that YOU all chose!

Thanks again to all the Swaggernauts for participating and keep an eye on the blog for the next contest :)


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