What’s My Name? – Winners!

by TSG on Sat, November 1st, 2008 at 12:48 pm

Hope all you Swagheads had a great Halloween and got lots of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups(my favorite). But I digress..

Thanks to the hundreds of you that guessed what my name was based on the picture from the blog a couple days ago. Congratulations to Alexis K. and Josh C. for guessing the right name and winning 10 free Swag Bucks! If you want to know the answer then you should probably ask them because I’m not telling ;)

There were also a few PHENOMENAL answers that were so good I wanted to share them with you guys:

Jessica T. – Bob Swaget

Amber N. – Dylan Swagbags

Jon W. – Shawn Winston Adam Green – very clever Jon!

Sophie N. – McSwagger the Swag King

And a very special high-five to Rebecca F. for guessing Dean Cain and providing the pic you see above which looks EXACTLY like the pic I posted! haha

Thanks for all the guesses and keep checking the blog for more chances to win free swag bucks!


*** One important note – you can only win swag bucks for responding to a blog until the next contest blog is posted, so you can’t go back and answer old blogs for wag bucks. Not to worry though, there will be A TON of opportunites to win swag bucks!

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