Racking Up Fast Swag: 101

by TSG on Tue, December 9th, 2008 at 4:32 pm

With the holidays just around the corner I know that many of you are(very smartly) using your Swag Bucks for gifts, and I have lots of emails saying “Hey Swag Guy, I have tons of presents to get and I want to use Swag Bucks – how do I get more??!!

This is how – Here are a few fool-proof ways to pad your account and rack up big Swag Bucks FAST!!

1. SEND A BULLETIN to all your friends on myspace, facebook, Bebo, Ning, Friendster, or any other social network you’re on. Tell them how great it is and send your REFERRAL CODE so that when the sign up you get the REFERRAL CREDIT(which means uber Swag Bucks). You can get the code from our PROMOTE SECTION.

2. Same as above, but instead of sending a bulletin you should POST A BANNER on your homepage. You can get the html codes for different banners in the same PROMOTE SECTION.

3. MAKE A SWAGBUCKS VIDEO and post it on YouTube. You smack your referral code onto that bad boy and you’re on the road to Mega Swagdom.

4. Visit blogs about Swag Bucks(or similar stuff) and POST COMMENTS with that good ol referral code of yours.

Easy stuff my friends, easy stuff. Do one of these simple steps and your Swag Bucks will grow, do all of these things and you’ll have to change your name to Sir Swaggernaut Moneybags ;)

And of course don’t forget to tell me about your success stories or share in ways that you found that works well. The bigger Swag Nation grows, the more prizes we can offer and the better the experience is for everyone!


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