Swag Codes Are Here!

by TSG on Wed, December 17th, 2008 at 12:21 pm

I am super excited to officially introduce SWAG CODES – the newest way to earn some fast, easy, and FREE SWAG BUCKS! CLICK HERE to see a full description of how Swag Codes work but I’ll give you Swaggernauts the quick rundown..

There are lots of different ways to find these Swag Codes, including on the blog, in our monthly newsletter, through our Facebook page, and many more. After you find a Swag Code you can go to “Your Swag Bucks” page , enter the Swag Code in the designated box, press “Gimme!,” and your account will immediately be updated with free Swag Bucks!

The Swag Codes are TIME SENSITIVE though so you have to make sure to enter it in as soon as you receive it. The amount of Swag Bucks you win varies with each code, but you will have the opportunity to win HUNDREDS OF FREE SWAG BUCKS throughout the year!

Now that you are all in a Swag Code frenzy, whattya say we try it out now!

Here is your very first CASE SENSITIVE Swag Code: SWAGBUCKSRULE

This code is going to expire TONIGHT AT 10 PST so act fast and go get yourself some free Swag Bucks!

Your Welcome ;)


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