Score Big Swag Bucks With Super Bowl Score

by TSG on Mon, January 26th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

The single biggest sporting event in the United States is one week away, so you KNOW that Swag Bucks is gonna get in on some of the Super Bowl action!

We’re going to give 20 FREE SWAG BUCKS to any person who guesses the correct score of the game. You don’t need to know anything about football to enter, you just need to know who’s playing(Cardinals and Steelers) and pick two numbers.

Here’s how to submit your entry:

Send your guess to with the subject line as follows:

Steelers ## Cardinals ##

## = your guess. So if you think the final score is going to be 38-35 Steelers, your subject line will read:

Steelers 38 Cardinals 35.

No need to send a message with it, the subject line guess is all we need. So essentially you give me two names and two numbers, I potentially give you 20 Swag Bucks – Can’t be any easier than that!!

I’m sure most of Swag Nation is planning on watching the game on Sunday, but for those of you that weren’t, looks like you now 20 reasons to tune in ;)


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