IMPORTANT (and EXCITING) News About Gift Cards in the Swag Store

If you order, or plan to order gift codes from the Swag Store, READ THIS POST, because today we introduced a super exciting feature that is super important you know about.

Effective immediately, you will no longer be sent your redeemed gift codes via email. Instead they will now be posted directly to your Account Profile, under the brand new “My Gift Cards” section!

How do you find the My Gift Card section?

1) Go to the Swag Store
2) Click on View Account Info (under your Swag Bucks total)
3) On the left hand side account navigation click on “My Gift Cards

What does this mean for you?

Well, first and most importantly it means you will receive your gift code quicker, and by a means that will not allow it to land in your spam folder or lost by USPS!

Instead of our general 2 week fulfillment period, gift codes will now be posted onto accounts within 4-7 business days from the time you verify your order! Although we will no longer be offering physical gift cards, this new feature will allow us to expand our offering of gift codes and make the redemption process even simpler and more effective.

If you have friends who use Swag Bucks, let them know about this – we want to make sure they don’t sift through their emails expecting their code, when its actually right in front of them! 🙂