Swag Code Hunt Starts Now

by TSG on Wed, February 4th, 2009 at 11:33 am

Our pals at Merch.com have gotten into the Swag Code fun and hidden a Swag Code somewhere on their page. It could be anywhere on their site, and I’ll give you guys five clues througout the day to help you on your hunt.

CLUE #1: The Swag Code is on a band page, not a single artist.

If you find the Swag Code – PLEASE DO NOT POST IT ANYWHERE. That includes Twitter, Facebook, myspace, blogs, etc. Definitely let other Swaggernauts know there is a Swag Code hunt and help them track it down, but if we see a lot of folks posting the actual code we will not be able to continue to run these promotions for free Swag Bucks.

The Swag Code expires at 8pst so make sure to get it before it’s done. Good luck!


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