Twitter 50 Swag Buck Winner/THANK YOU!!!

by TSG on Wed, February 25th, 2009 at 10:28 pm

Thank you.


We celebrated Swag Bucks 1st Birthday today, and I can speak on behalf of all of Team Swag that we had an absolute blast! This was without a doubt the most memorable day that we have had so far in our short existence and it’s all because of you, Swag Nation.

There were Swag Codes galore, Triple Mega Swag Bucks, prizes, promotions, Facebook fun, an incredibly engaged blog, and it’s not quite over just yet ;)

First off I want to congratulate Suzanne M. of Aurora, CO for winning 50 Swag Bucks in the Twitter contest. Speaking of Twitter, I am ECSTATIC to say that #swagbucks was the #1 TRENDING TOPIC ON THE ENTIRE NETWORK!!! That might not mean much to some of you, but basically what that says is that Swaggernauts everywhere united to make Swag Bucks the most talked about topic on one of the biggest sites in the world!! In fact, we had two of the Top 5 Trending Topics! Trust me when I tell you that is UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!

We’ve all worked very hard to build something special from the ground up and we’re so excited to keep growing and give you all not just a site to earn cool prizes but an online community in which you can be proud to call yourself a member. A very important member. A Swaggernaut dog gonnit! haha

For all those of you that are still up celebrating with us, enter the code THANKYOU to snag yourself two more Swag Bucks. The code will be good for the rest of our bday – until 11:59 PST.

So again thank you for being here for our first birthday, and if you think this was fun just wait until our 2nd birthday! :) )))


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