Poll Round Up

by TSG on Mon, March 30th, 2009 at 10:30 pm

An old friend of mind used to claim that his favorite part of the whole week was the moment he woke up on Monday mornings. When people used to ask him why, he would respond “because that’s as far away from the next Monday morning as you can possibly be during the whole week.” I have to admit, he sorta had a point.

Here in Swag Central, our favorite part of the whole week (well, one of them anyway) is releasing the New Polls on Monday. We receive so many wonderful submissions every week and we know you have as much fun answering these polls as we have reading them.

However it dawned on me that we’ve never actually done a final tally in all the months that we’ve been doing the polls. So without further ado, here are the final results from last week’s polls.

1. Which Talent Do You Wish You Had More Of?
Musical Ability 24%
Social Skills (speaking, networking, dating, etc.) 23%
Athletic Prowess 21%
Artistic Command (drawing, painting, scultping, etc.) 21%
Computer Know-How 11%
2. What’s The Smartest Strategy For Getting Friend Referrals?

Word Of Mouth (friends don’t let friends avoid Swag Bucks) 41%
Social Networking (what am I doing now? winning Swag Bucks!) 28%
Putting Referral Links In Your Email Signature (sincerely, Swag Bucks) 16%
Online Forum Recruiting (Swag Bucks pwnz!) 15%

3. Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Or After Breakfast?

After (It’s the logical way to go) 52%
Before (trust me, you don’t want any of my morning breath) 36%
Who Says I Brush In The Morning? 12%

4. How Many Comments Will This Poll Receive?

16 + 58%
1-5 17%
6-10 13%
11-15 12%

* Total Number Of Comments Received 37

5. What’s The Most Entertaining Infomercial?

Anything With Billy Mays (but wait. there’s more!) 35%
Sham-WOW (Vince is the best!) 31%
Snuggie (hilarious AND comfortable) 20%
The Bedazzler (consider yourself bedazzled) 7%
GLH Formula #9 (old school spray-on hair. need I say more?) 7%

6. Should Swag Bucks Feature Political Polls?

Yes (I want to know what other Swaggernauts think) 36%
Depends On The Particular Question & Answers 34%
No (politics are personal and divisive) 30%
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