Swagbucks T-Shirt Contest

by TSG on Tue, March 3rd, 2009 at 11:35 am

We get a lot of great suggestions every day from members of Swag Nation of things that they would like to see incorporated in the wonderful world of Swag Bucks. One thing we’ve been hearing the most is the desire to have some Swagbucks.com merch, and after getting lots of feedback from you guys on the design we have come up with the first ever Swagbucks.com T-Shirt. Only thing is, we need YOUR help to finish it!

As you can see, the back of the shirt lists the “Top Ten Reasons To Use Swagbucks.” Who better to decide those Top Ten Reasons then the engaged Swaggernauts that use Swag Bucks every day?

So here’s how the contest works:

1) Send us an email to TheSwagGuy@Swagbucks.com with your Top Reason for using Swagbucks.
2) Make sure the email subject line says “Top Ten T-Shirt Contest”.
3) You only need to send one Top Reason(not ten), but if you have multiple submissions then send them all in one email.
4) All submissions must be received by Tuesday, March 10th.

We will choose 10 Top Reasons from 10 different Swaggernauts to make our Top Ten List. If your Top Ten reason is chosen you will be immortalized on our T-Shirt with your name and hometown listed next to your idea. And just to sweeten the pot we’ll give 25 Swag Bucks to each winner!

I’m excited to see your submissions and can’t wait to get this T-Shirt created!


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