Team Swag Bucks Invades SXSW!

As many of our long time Swaggernauts know, Team Swag Bucks has a super close connection to the music industry. The very first Swag Buck powered sites were all artist / band branded, and we continue to add new bands into the Swag Buck fold every couple weeks. In staying close and true to our music roots, Team Swag Bucks is in Austin, TX this week for the industry’s most beloved event – SXSW. For 25 years SXSW has been the premier destination for new bands to break out, and for major label acts to showcase their new music. This year is no different, and bands ranging from Metallica to The Used (our close friends, and Swag Buck partners), to PJ Harvey and Ben Harper, are showcasing their music alongside over 2500 TOP new and international bands! What does this mean for you? Well, for those that love our band search & win sites, this means that we will be bringing more bands & artists into the Swag Bucks fold (not to mention also obtaining exclusive music goods for!

The festivities begin in about 1 hour from now, and by the time this festival ends, there will be dozens of bands that went from unknowns to buzz bands / industry darlings. We know that many of you in Swag Nation are music freaks (like us), so will post periodic updates about the bands that we loved and those earning ‘The Buzz’ – stay tuned!