One More Clue For Today’s Swag Code Hunt

by TSG on Thu, April 30th, 2009 at 3:09 pm

The Swag Code Hunt today is only valid for another 4o minutes(5 pm PST). You can find it on The Slater Sisters website – You already know that the Swag Code is written in italics, but I’ll give you one more clue if you haven’t found it yet – Look for the girl with the flower on her head.

After you find the Swag Code make sure to check out The Slater Sisters‘ “The Swaggernaut Song,” written especially for all the good people in Swag Nation. If you like the song(and you’d be crazy not to) you can get it for only 3 Swag Bucks through the Team Swag Bucks Song of The Day, located in the mp3 Singles and Albums section of the Swag Store.


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