Discover New Music with Swag Bucks!

If you haven’t already gotten the idea, all of us at Team Swag Bucks are driven by music. We are always also looking for great new music and when the opportunity presents itself, we want to share it with you.

For over 10 years Spaceland in Silverlake, Los Angeles has been the center of the cities diverse indie-rock scene. This is the venue where Beck, Silversun Pickups, Elliot Smith, Eels, and Rilo Kiley got their start, and where every indie act that means anything comes to play when they hit Los Angeles. About two years ago the venue began recording select shows that rolled into the venue and offer them on its website. We’ve been lucky enough to partner with to offer you the chance to discover new music. For only 3 Swag Bucks you can snag yourself a $3 off gift-code to the catalog (Note: The codes cannot be combined with each other). Most of the digital records retail for less than $6, which means that for only $3 dollars you can get yourself a record of new material from hip & hot upcoming acts.

If you want to hear some of the music from the Spaceland catalog, head over to the ‘Discover New Music‘ section of the Swag Store and snag yourself a track from a hand-picked new artist for only 3 Swag Bucks. And if you like what you hear, or simply want to do some extra credit research, go check out, they will show you the way when it comes to indie-music – these guys do it right.