Earn Swag Bucks with YouTube

by TSG on Fri, May 22nd, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Remember earlier this week when I said there would be cool new ways to earn Swag Bucks through our YouTube channel starting next week? Well, we hit the 1,000 Friend mark on our channel. So why not celebrate a bit early?

If you go to the SwagTube (Swag Bucks YouTube channel), you’ll be able to see that TSG recently commented on a video today. Go to that video (awesome video), look for TSG’s comment and enter the word in TSG’s comment that might mean the opposite of ‘genuine’, as TSG typed it into the My Account page on Swagbucks and snatch up an extra Swag Buck.

Hopefully you’re reading this before 3:00PM PST….


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