Referring Your Friends is About to Become Easier….

As our loyal Swaggernauts already know, we are always tweaking around our sites and adding functionality to make the Swag Bucks network even better. Coming VERY, VERY soon, we will be allowing YOU to create your own Swag Bucks referral link, using the referral name YOU choose! This will make it easier for you to tell your friends about and ensure they will sign up through YOUR link (and earn you those Swag Bucks). Swag Names should be made easy for your friends to remember – for example, the Swag Guy’s new referral link will be:

Additionally, the Swag Name will also allow you to instantly access a slew of new features that are also coming VERY, VERY soon. We won’t spoil that surprise right here, but they are coming…

In the meantime, if you see a prompt to enter a Swag Name next time you log in to your account, flash a quick smile and know that referring your friends to jump on board will become even easier 🙂