Vibe Paintball Gun Swagstakes

by TSG on Thu, May 28th, 2009 at 9:38 am

With summer pretty much here, I’m sure you guys will be venturing outside from time to time to skate, play sports, go to lakes, rivers, beaches, pools and possibly go paintballing. Equip yourself with the help of Swagbucks and the world’s number 1 paintball player, Todd Martinez!

For 1 Swag Buck, you can enter a Swagstakes to win the Vibe Electropneumatic Paintball Gun shown above. This gun works with CO2, compressed air or Nitrogen. This Swagstakes ends on June 1st and is only available on Todd’s Gearbag.

Thwoot! Thwoot! Thwoot!

…that was my attempt to mimick the sound of the gun, if you know what it’s called when you mimick a sound with a word, enter that word on Todd’s Gearbag for a bonus Swag Buck before 1:30PM PST. If you’re not sure what to spend the Swag Buck on, why not enter the Swagstakes?

If you don’t know the word or how to spell it, use the search engine.


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