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by TSG on Wed, June 24th, 2009 at 12:09 pm

Team Swagbucks and I like to be as accessible as possible for all our loyal Swaggernauts. We actually have a few updates including a new email address so I have decided to provide all of Swag Nation a complete list of email addresses as well as their purposes including the new customer support email I briefly alluded to, – This email is for all customer service issues, account & shipping questions, redemption, etc. This takes the place of the address, speaking of which… – This is no longer the proper customer support address. – If you’re not sure about rules for accounts or searching or you’ve been deactivated, this is the address to use for all account issues as it relates to Terms of Service and Contest Rules. – Use this address for all partnering, advertising & business inquiries. – As you may or may not know, Swagbucks features 6 polls a week and rewards its creators with 10 Swag Bucks and feature the results in the blog. To be a part of that, you send all your poll ideas to this address. – Use this address to submit pictures of yourself with your Swagbucks prizes for us to post at our Flickr page. We reward you for doing so. Also, any unboxing, tutorials or testimonial videos for Swagbucks through YouTube, send to this address.
– For any support issues concerning items purchased or Swag Bucks redeemed through the Shop&Earn section, use this address. – If you haven’t been acquainted with TSGal, you should really meet her. She’s quite charming. This email is used to ask questions for TSGal’s columns. You can also share cool stuff with her if you’re so inclined. – this email is ONLY to be used for things that require immediate attention, such as people violating terms of service with a cheating site, hack videos, posting Swag Codes or being abusive/rude/offensive on the Facebook wall; things of that nature. This is not a customer service email address. Occasionally contests will be announced where we ask you to email TSG your submissions, in this case its perfectly acceptable to use this address. Also, if you want to just chat and share cool stuff with TSG, use this e-mail.

That’s it, the complete list! Hit us up!


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