The SwagTube Finds More Ways to Pay!

by TSG on Mon, June 15th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Do you subscribe to our YouTube channel? Well, if you don’t you might want to because we are certainly always looking for ways to help our users both use Swagbucks and WIN Swag Bucks. We also will watch a lot of cool videos that are favorited in “The Swag Guy’s Favorite Videos“. In other words, there’s a lot of benefit to subscribing to us and friending us on YouTube.

Swagbucks has a great reputation for having one of the most helpful user-bases on the Internet. Fellow Swaggers have been known to assist other Swagbucks users on the Facebook wall, through Twitter, on the Swag Blog or even devoted portions of a blog or entire blogs to us! Another place Swagbucks users really go above & beyond is on YouTube. We constantly get unboxing videos, testimonials, and tutorials from users like you.

Last week when we released the Swidget, there was lots of excitement and at times some confusion. But again, our awesome users came to help their fellow Swagbucks brethren. TSG received plenty of emails with Swidget tips and tricks and feedback. So much so that I thought it’d be a great idea to give back to our users that help us so much. If you make a Swagbucks Widget Tutorial video with instructions on how to use it, tricks you’ve used and tips you can share to customize the Swidget to your site, we will give you 5 Swag Bucks! All you have to do is make the video and upload it to YouTube and send the link to TSG at

A couple quick rules. Make sure the title says “Swag Bucks Widget Tutorial” and the description starts with “This is my Swag Bucks Widget Tutorial.” Make sure the video is appropriate and that you don’t use foul language or any offensive footage (not sure why you would) but young Swaggernauts use the Swidget too! Finally, try to keep the video under 3 minutes; TSG has to watch ALL of these!

That’s it! So if you’re already a Swidget expert get out there and make a tutorial!

Oh and one more thing. You might find a rewarding surprise on one of the SwagBucksOfficial‘s videos…find it before 3:00PM PDT and get a Swag Buck!


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