The Widget is Almost Here

by TSG on Wed, June 10th, 2009 at 3:30 pm

In a week of big news, this may be among the biggest. The Swagbucks widget is coming and it will be EPIC.

For those that aren’t familiar with widgets, they’re essentially mini web sites that you can take with you on the web. The Swag Bucks widget is like having a mini Swag Bucks with you when you’re hanging out on your website, blog, Myspace, and many other social networks. You’ll be able to search the web; see a stream of prizes available in the Swag Store; read our most recent blog post, and even get real time updates about our Swag Codes. That’s right, the widget tells you when codes are happening!

But here’s the best part: your customized widget will essentially act as one super referral magnet! Anytime your friends, visitors, etc. discover Swag Bucks through your widget, that person will automatically be your referral! It doesn’t matter if they start by searching the web, clicking on a prize, etc. This is a perfect way to introduce the web’s premier digital dollar to all those friends that are skeptical about Swag Bucks!

For tomorrow’s release there will be a number of fun codes as we’ve been doing all week…so don’t miss out!

It’s coming tomorrow afternoon. Ready?


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