Your Ideas = Swagbucks Reality

by TSG on Fri, June 12th, 2009 at 4:36 pm

We’ve had a blog post up asking what your ideas to make Swagbucks even better are for about 6 months and though you might not always see it, TSG and company actively read all of your comments and suggestions.

For instance, today’s big widget launch originated with suggestions that we received from Swaggernauts. Same with the expanded video game section.

In fact, we receive so many high quality ideas from you all, that we couldn’t possibly do all the things that we’d love to do! But with that in mind, I figured I’d go through some of our more recent idea submissions and highlight via poll some of the ones that caught my fancy (what?! TSG is allowed to have a fancy). You just let us know which item you’d like to see first. We’re not gonna make any promises, but user-submitted ideas have a way of becoming real on!

You just may see some of these things on Swagbucks in the future. No promises, but rest assured, Swagbucks will only get better.

Keep all those awesome ideas comin’!


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