As Per Your Request: Swag Codes, Explained

by TSG on Thu, July 23rd, 2009 at 5:15 pm

You guys voted and Swag Codes will be the topic of today’s blog post designed to help our loyal Swagbucks users.

Before you read on, see this page that we’ve designed for this very reason and if that doesn’t answer all your questions…read on.

Swag Codes are helpful words & sometimes phrases valid for varying amounts of times for users to redeem for varying amounts of Swag Bucks. The fun of them is that they can happen at any time (so for those of you that complain that a certain code isn’t fair because you weren’t around, that’s just the luck of the draw, you’ll get some & miss others – that’s just how Swag Codes work) on any page of Swagbucks or any of our affiliated websites (partner Search&Win sites, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, etc.). Sometimes, we’ll do Swag Code Hunts which are essentially scavenger hunts either for clues or pieces of the code. We’ll hide these in item descriptions in prizes in our Swag Store, random places on our Social Media pages; like in the description of unnamed YouTube videos or Facebook discussions, sometimes we even put codes or parts of codes in poll comments from the polls at our polls page! We also put clues and sometimes the code in our Swag Bucks Widget.

Here’s a complete breakdown of where to find Swag Codes:
Blog – We’ll either give you a code, give you clues that form a code or start a hunt, like this one, here.
Facebook – Much like the blog we can give clues here, give hints here or hide codes or hints in discussions, comments, etc. but mostly they’re status updates.
Twitter – These are often very short, timely codes but sometimes Twitter is part of a hunt or we’ll give codes here too.
YouTube – If we don’t put codes in videos like we did with this video, we’ll put it on our channel or in a description of a video. Sometimes we even comment on random videos and part of the comment is a code! (don’t worry, we announce things like this)
Flickr – We have tons of photos but we use the photo or its caption as part of a code, a whole code or a hint to a code
MySpace – Most of the time we’ll have MySpace friends only codes in bulletins and so forth but you may find parts to codes here as well from hunts. – This is the widest possibility of code spots. We can put them in coupons in Shop&Earn, store items in the Swag Store, in comments in polls on our polls page or any of our partner sites. For example, recently we did a code on Todd’s Gear Bag.
Widget (Swidget) – Most of the time the Swidget will just let you know a code is out and where to go for clues, but sometimes we give Swidget exclusive codes out here.

Giving out, sharing or posting active codes is NEVER PERMITTED. Even if we flat out state the code if you share it on a site we didn’t post it, you’re allowing all users who are not affiliated with us on the page we gave the code on to redeem the code, which defeats the whole purpose of the Swag Code. If you’re caught distributing, sharing, or posting Swag Codes, your account will be deactivated and you will be hanged in a public square, ok…just the first one.

I hope this was helpful, Swaggernauts, please leave comments with additional questions about Swag Codes which I’ll address in comments and also feel free to add onto anything I may not have covered as it concerns Swag Codes.


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