Gift Cards Galore!

by TSG on Tue, July 28th, 2009 at 2:30 pm

If you haven’t been by the Gift & Rewards Cards section of the Swag Store drop by there and take a gander at all the new Gift Cards & Rewards Cards that have been added recently.

Our gift card is currently redeemable at 45 Swag Bucks. Not bad for a $25 gift card.

Snatch up our PayPal card for 70 Swag Bucks. PayPal can be used just like cash so turn your Swag into cash!

Speaking of which, we have Swagbucks Prepaid Mastercard Rewards Cards. This card has a $10 value and is redeemable for just 135 Swag Bucks!

You may have seen our new Barnes & Noble $100 Swagstakes in the blog yesterday. Well, we also have a surefire win with $10 B&N Gift Cards redeemable for 125 Swag Bucks.
If all that info wasn’t rewarding enough for you, maybe this will put it over the top. There is a Swag Code hidden in the description of ONE of the cards I’ve mentioned. Check it out before 5:30PM PDT & be rewarded.


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