Invading Your Cell Phone: First Twitter, Now Facebook!

by TSG on Fri, July 3rd, 2009 at 4:44 pm

I gotta tell ya…missing a Swag Code is just getting harder and harder to do with all the automatic updates and things we have available to Swagbucks users. We flat out tell you when Swag Codes are happening on the widget! During the Daily Twitter Codes, SMS updates were, to be fair, hit or miss given Twitter‘s timeliness in sending out the updates.

But, Facebook now has SMS updates so you can make sure you don’t miss an important (insert: Swag Hunt) status update again. Between RSS feeds, Twitter & Facebook SMS updates & the Swidget, you’ll almost have to try NOT to know about a Swag Code.

Here’s a few scenarios where you may no longer be able to be alerted when Swag Codes are out:
-If you shipwreck on a deserted island or you’re on a boat that sinks to the bottom of the sea
-If you go on a work team building exercise or to sleep-away camp
-If you get cast on some reality show that requires you have no more electronics
-If monsters attack your town and eat all electronic and mobile devices
-If Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Widgetbox all collaps on the same day, oh wait, there’s still Flickr & YouTube.

See?! Please do keep in mind that standard text message rates apply so if you have an unlimited plan, you’re all set. But if you get charged per incoming text we can’t be held responsible for charges you incur.

That said, subscribe right under our main photo on the Swagbucks Facebook page (should be the third option down) and Swag your face off!


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