Making Swag Codes Easier to Understand

by TSG on Thu, July 30th, 2009 at 10:34 am

We got some great feedback from my last Swag Codes post including some awesome ideas that you just may see put into practice. Here are some comments from users from our last blog that we’d like to get you opinion on:

1) Anonymous:
It might be a big help if you had a first time user swagcode and swaghunt that are permenantly up. You could email beginners where to go/start. When you first start, getting swagbucks is frustrating. I just saw my first swagcode 2 days ago. I still don’t get the swaghunt thing.”

2) Kerlo:

“Maybe do a New user Swagcode hunt. As part of the signup process have a dynamically generated swagcode somewhere on the site which is only useable by them. You can provide a hint as to where it is when providing them with the hunt instructions.
You can even make it a separate webpage that only first time users can get to it. Once the code has been redeemed, they can no longer reach that site.”

3) Jen:
“A new user email w/ tutorial links would be great…something like “Learn about swagcodes…” and you could even have it lead to a new-user-only swagcode. Although you’d have to make it so that code didn’t get abused. Add to the swagcode page a link to an example of how to find the swagcodes/solve the swaghunts.
At the very least, add to the swagcode page an example of a past swagcode so that the noobs can understand what kind of “string of text” they are looking for.”

4) Kelly4nya:
“It would be VERY EASY 4 SB members, & ONLY MEMBERS, to know if there’s a Code in effect, or not, if u would post a phrase that says something like: “THERE ARE NO CODES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.” ~or~ ” SWAG CODE AVAILABLE NOW.” Then post the phrase either next 2~ under~ or above~ the “ENTER A SWAG CODE” box on the HOME page. This way, we will ALWAYS know if there’s a code available or not. AND by doing this, MEMBERS ONLY will be messaged, no 1 else. Plus, no 1 can complain & say that they didn’t know there was a code in effect, cuz it would always be stated right next to their “Enter Swag Code” box.

Tell us what you think in this poll:

It’s no guarantee we’ll adopt one of these suggestions but we’ve used user ideas in the past and often so I hope you chose wisely!

Thanks again for all the great feedback.


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