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by TSG on Tue, July 28th, 2009 at 7:00 am

We’ve been running various Swag Code themed blogs over the past week in an effort to alleviate any confusion and frustration to new and old users alike. We’ve heard a lot of great ideas on how we could make Swag Codes more user-friendly and we want to thank everybody who’s participated in this discussion.

Now that everyone has had a chance to share their thoughts about Swag Codes, we need to come together as a community and find creative ways to message Swag Codes more effectively to new users on The point here is that future visitors should not find Swag Codes as confusing as our current visitors do.

Over the last few weeks and months, we have made several changes to how we discuss Swag Codes. For starters, we created a Swag Code explanation page which you can view here. We also changed the slides on so that every new visitor can learn about Swag Codes – it’s the 3rd slide that new visitors (or logged out users) see.

What I’d like to know from our newest users is, did you see that slide on If so, was the page that we created helpful in answering where to find Codes, and how to redeem them? What, in your opinion, could we change about the way we message Swag Codes so that they’re less confusing?

Now we understand that many of you would like Swag Codes to be worth more, and last longer. I’ll address some of those points below. But even if we made those changes, that won’t make Swag Codes easier for new users to grasp. That being the case, we’d love to hear your ideas about how we message Swag Codes. Some possible suggestions include:

  • Special emails to all new users describing Swag Codes and how they work
  • New playlist on YouTube with concrete examples of Codes in various locations
  • Revising the Swag Code page to feature more details and examples
  • etc.

Perhaps you might be able to think up an idea or two that involve user-generated content, or other community tools to help us address the confusion that new users feel. Be as creative as possible and don’t be afraid to suggest something new, and unusual.

Now, there are a few points about Swag Codes themselves that should be mentioned:

1) Swag Codes are bonus features of our network. While we love to give out Codes, and do our best to make them exciting and fun, we cannot give out unlimited Swag Codes, nor can we necessarily give them out every day. There are most certainly days where we don’t give any Swag Codes at all. Conversely, there are days when we give several. It is up to our discretion.

2) Swag Codes will not be run all day. There are exceptions to this, but the reason is because Swag Codes are meant to reward people for happen to be on our network at random times during the day. In very rare cases we might run an all day code or something of that nature but ultimately, you will miss some Swag Codes. But as long as you check back in with Swagbucks semi-regularly, we are certain that you will Snag more than a few of them.

3) Except in rare cases, you will not be notified when Swag Codes will be happening. As I stated above, Swag Codes are meant to be bonus rewards for people who are lucky enough to be on our network at the right place and time. If we told everybody when the codes would be coming, we’d have many people showing up ONLY for the codes. So while we may occassionaly let you know when a code is coming, the random appearance of codes is perhaps the most vital and fun part of Swag Codes.

4) Every now and again we do Swag Codes at what might seem like strange hours of the day. We’re not trying to encourage you to not sleep, but rather we have users from Hawaii to England and sometimes we try to do a specially timed code for those folks. If you happen to be in front of your computer during one of those Codes, then of course you should snag the bonus bucks, regardless of where you live. But if you miss one of those hunts, please remember that there are always going to be more Codes for you to find.

OK. That’s all I’ve got for now. Awaiting your helpful words.


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