PayPal Gift Cards are here!

by TSG on Wed, July 1st, 2009 at 5:44 pm

You guys spent a good amount of the comments in the ‘Got A Good Idea for Swagbucks?‘ blog post requesting PayPal gift cards. Well, you asked and now you will receive. We have $5 PayPal gift cards in the Gift Card section of the Swag Store.

A lot of Swaggernauts make use of Amazon Gift Cards which can only be used exclusively on Amazon. The benefit to these is that PayPal is the payment method on so many sites that your buying power is that much greater. You can even convert these to cash through PayPal and buy lunch one day (or even pay your phone bill), that’s a lot of work but it is doable.

Check out the gift cards and every time you run across a site that uses PayPal as an option, try to keep the twinkle in your eye to a minimum. ;-)


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