Refer Your Friends; Be Official!

by TSG on Mon, July 6th, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Sometimes I think that there are no more possible ways that Swagbucks users can refer people and then we find ANOTHER new way. Now, we have the most official of official referring methods, Swagbucks referral business cards!

For just 30 Swag Bucks you can get 20 Swagbucks referral cards to hand out to whoever you’d like. These are extremely handy because in this age of paperless communication and emails, texts and so forth, there’s just something permanent and important about something in print. These cards will have your first name and referral links on each and every card and whoever you give them to will always know who they have to thank for their Swagbucks success.

Find out more information about the Swagbucks Referral Business Cards here.


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