Swag Nation Fights Spam.

by TSG on Wed, July 29th, 2009 at 7:00 am

Okie doke, here’s the skinny…too much spam. We LOVE having enthusiastic users that are eager to get referrals and love nothing more than to spread the gospel of Swag. But, some users (we have no idea who) go too far to the extent of spamming. Everyone hates spam.

The real kicker about this is that it’s starting to adversely affect Swagbucks. MySpace has disabled all links we put in blogs and bulletins and people have been flagging completely original and completely legitimate videos on YouTube. This hurts not only Swagbucks as a site but also the Swagbucks community.

A lot of times people aren’t sure what the acceptable way to promote is or what the line is before its considered spam. I would highly encourage you to use the following:

Swidget – You can place this on your OWN sites & blogs and this is a one-stop referral shop that will allow to refrain from spamming message boards, blog comments, & other social networking sites.

Promote Page – Grab the IMG code from the banner of your choosing and you can use these in blog comments and forums in completely legal & sanctioned ways because it’s part of your signature and not the entirety of your contribution to that board.

Share Buttons – Every time you win Swag Bucks you can tell friends on MySpace, Facebook, blog followers, etc. all about by simply clicking share. This is a completely non-spam promotion that isn’t irksome to do or see. It also shows that people win Swag Bucks all the time.

Invite a Friend – Chances are, if you have someone’s email address, there’s a mutual trust and you’re not sending them mass mailings of bunk material. If you have a friend or a few friends that’d probably into Swagbucks and redeeming free prizes, use this feature and personalize it. It makes a real difference ;-)

To get a full understanding of what is and what is not ok, I implore you to reference our Do’s & Don’ts page. This gives you a complete list of good & bad practices so you’ll be in the clear when you’re sharing the Swag Love.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between posting a link and spamming, but for the most part…you know……YOOOUUU KNOOOOWW ;-)


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