Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays Winner- 7/22/09

by TSG on Wed, July 22nd, 2009 at 10:13 am

Once again!!! You guys came to play. So much so that our lovely TTPTP cracked the Trending Topics for the first time in months! Not only did it crack the Trending Topics, but TSG saw it as high as #4! And who knows? It might have even hit higher than that, I just didn’t see it but I wasn’t watching all day either so….you never know.

After all that excitement I’m sure you guys want to get down to business and who could blame you? Here are the Twitter Tuesday honorable mentions and winners.

First the honorable mentions:
“@Swagbucks I want a new tour bus full of old guitars My own star on Swaggywood Boulevard Somewhere between Cher And TSG is fine for me” -Bethany

“It’s not what you are in Swaggywood—it’s what people think you are @Swagbucks” – Eric L.

And now the big winner of 50 Swag Bucks!
“@Swagbucks At the Swagbucks premier in Swaggywood, Swaggernauts chant after The Swag Guy and The Swag Gal swagging down the red carpet.” -Theresa

Great tweets and why to really get after the Phrase That Pays! We wouldn’t be where we are without all you guys.

Until we tweet again!


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