Winning Tips Winners & Recap!

by TSG on Mon, July 6th, 2009 at 2:33 pm

You guys really know how to rake in those Swag Bucks! We got over 150 responses for our Winning Tips blog! We really do have a very helpful and loyal user base which we are eternally grateful for.

TSG had a hard time picking but I managed to find 2 really great tips for which I have rewarded the Swaggers who submitted them and I will be sharing them with you now.

Here is George M. of Miami, FL’s tip:
“tips for swagbucks users.

1. search every day.
2. read blog for swagbuck codes.
3. send invite friends and family.
4. check on you cellphone.
5. be a fan of facebook and twitter.
5. make swagbucks your homepage.
6. make swagbucks your toolbar.
7. enter for 100,500,1000 swagbucks Sweepstakes
8.hope to win swagbucks”

and Christopher S. of Hampton, NB Canada’s tip:

“A great way to keep from missing out on Swag Codes:
Keep up to date on all the Swag Bucks feeds (blog, twitter, youtube) with an RSS feed aggregator.
When there is a new post you’ll know within minutes and you’ll have a handy link directly to the Swag Bucks page in question.”

As great as those tips are, remember to look at the Winning Tips page on Swagbucks and the other comments on that blog post.

Here’s to your new Swaggage!


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