500 Swagstakes Winner – 8/31/09

by TSG on Mon, August 31st, 2009 at 10:08 am

Day 2 of the Days of Swagstakes, today we’re giving away 500 Swag Bucks in the 500 Swag Bucks Giveaway Swagstakes. This is a bi-monthly Swagstakes that starts at just 3 Swag Bucks to enter and gets cheaper the more you enter. The winner on this day is Swaggernaut, Joshua R. of Franklin, IN! Congratulations, Josh! That’s a lot of Swag…

For your shot to win this many Swag Bucks, go here and decide how many times you want to enter. I’ll announce the next winner on September 15th.

OR, you could throw your Swag Bucks into the 1,000 Swagstakes which ends tomorrow. This Swagstakes is monthly and entries start at 5 Swag Bucks! This is just one of FOUR Swagstakes ending tomorrow. If that weren’t enough, we’re also announcing the winner of TSG’s T-Shirt Contest and launching the new Swagbucks Toolbar.

I’m not sure my heart will be able to handle all the excitement this week….


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