A Big Thanks to the Swagbucks Community

by TSG on Fri, August 14th, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Not too long ago we ran a series on what confused you the most about Swagbucks, then we responded to that with a detailed, comprehensive post on Swag Codes and encouraged you guys to tack on some of your own advice and tips. Then, we chose a few of those comments and put them into a poll and asked you guys to vote on what would be the best option to help new users along with Swag Codes and stated that we weren’t necessarily going to implement the winning idea or any of the ideas at all.

Well, we’re using one.

We started out with a big discussion and you guys refined your ideas and we narrowed in on some possibilities and as a community we came up with a solution to help everyone that comes after you and for that, we thank you. I find its one thing to give ideas and feedback that will make Swagbucks even better so that you can benefit from it, but when you guys come out in such numbers to help out with something that doesn’t affect you as existing members, well that’s saying something.

We’ll be giving new users introductory emails that give an overview of as well as a Swag Code hunt to get their feet wet. This will give them a one-time trial run and an extra Swag Buck to start. Not too shabby.

So make sure if you have referrals joining you continue to assist them and instruct them that the email they get after they sign up is NOT something they should ignore ;-)


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