Ask The Swag Gal (August 14, 2009)

Is anybody else wondering where the week just went?! I definitely cannot believe it’s Friday again. That’s not to say I’m not ready for the weekend! Can I just say that I’m a big fan of the Plant-A-Tree opportunity? What a small, effortless way to make such an impact! Go Seed the Future!

Okay okay.. let’s get to it, shall we?

Our question today comes from Matt J. He asked:

I’m going to be a freshman in college in less than a month and I’m starting to get pretty nervous. Any advice to calm my nerves and make the transition to college easier?

First and foremost… Take a deep breath! Your overwhelmed feeling is only natural, as you make such a huge transition in your life. Trust me, you will get through it just fine :). Before I give you a few good tips, try not to forget that you are not alone in your nervousness. There are millions of other guys and gals feeling the exact same way as you are, all entering into a completely different world than they’re used to. To ease the pressure and nerves, here are a few things to keep in mind.


  • Whether you’re a morning person or more of a night person, plan your classes accordingly. If you love getting up early, try to schedule some 8AMs. If not, stick to the after-nooners!
  • Try to strike a good balance between your more intensive classes and the not-so-time consuming ones.
  • Take some electives! Depending on your school, they may offer classes like painting, acting, dance, etc. Those can always help you bump up the GPA!


  • GO TO CLASS! You will meet people who brush it off from time to time, claiming “It’s not a big deal to skip from time to time”. Well if you’re feeling sick or have a serious time conflict, then maybe not. But you’re only hurting yourself and possibly your grade by not going. Stick with the kids who are enthusiastic about class!


  • Try to stay on top of homework assignments. Professors often times will not check homework, but instead will assume you’re following the syllabus.
  • Make sure to read read read! It may seem daunting, but the more you can soak up, the easier the test material will be to study.
  • When it comes to exams, you will be super prepared and ready to ace it!
  • Take advantage of the library. The dorms will never be quiet enough and the library is free of distractions. You will be amazed at how efficient you can be in the library!


  • Always ask a professor or TA (Teacher’s Assistant) for help if you do not understand a concept or subject matter.
  • Your syllabus will always list your professor’s office hours. Approach them after class or during these times if you have questions. They are more than willing to help you out. In fact, that is why they are there-to help you learn. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the exam!

Other than that… have a blast, be safe, make smart decisions and always be yourself! That will make you most successful in life. Besides, you’re already a Swaggernaut which means you’ve already learned the value of being rewarded for your time and energy. And trust me, that put’s you ahead of the college curve, big time!

Good luck!