Ask The Swag Gal (August 19, 2009)

Just because we’re entering late August doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying the finer pleasures of the Summer months. The theaters are still showing must see films (Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds, anyone?), the beaches are still full, and young men and women are discovering love and romance.

Which brings us to today’s question which comes to us from Kali J., by way of Akron, OH. She asked:

I really like this guy, but I’m the shy girl in my group of friends. I feel like if I don’t act soon, some other girl will get his attention. What are some ways (including nonverbal!) to get his attention and get him to notice me?

First of all, you should know that outgoing girls aren’t the only girls whom guys are attracted to. Shy personalities are just as attractive as the more extroverted types. Here are the 4 best ways (IMHO) for a “quiet” gal to get a guys attention…

1. Eye Contact – Always be expressive with your eyes. Pretend you just noticed him right before you reach him, then catch his gaze and flash a smile as you pass.

2. Body Language- Flirt. Whether it’s laughing at his jokes, teasing him gently, or touching his arm, a little bit of playfulness never hurts.

3. Smile – Flash him a smile every time he looks your way. Even a little roll of the eyes and flush of the cheeks will show him you’re interested. Positive forces attract positive forces. Then again…don’t stare too long!–might freak him out)

4. Scent – The way a girl smells is the key to her soul….. Ok. Maybe not. Totally corny, but really–guys dig when girls smell nice (I swear by this!). My friend once told me.. “It’s all in her smell”. Once he gets a whiff of your charming, irresistible scent…he will always be reminded of you when he smells anything like it.

So which scent do you choose?

You could always go for a floral scent…very suiting for girly girls… Or you could go the woodsy route-all you sultry ladies! A musky scent is never a bad idea either…

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So now that you’ve worked on the eye contact, body language, smiling, and scents, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve got your message across. Don’t push it any further, but don’t back off, either. The ball is in his court now.

Whether this guy ends up liking you or not, you are beautiful! Sometimes guys are just not smart enough to realize it. 🙂

Til next time….