Ask The Swag Gal (August 28, 2009)

Alas, we reach the end of the school and work week (at least for most–sorry Saturday/Sunday workers!). Doesn’t the air just smell 10 times better on Fridays?! MMmmmm I sure think so! Sadly the end of summer is drawing near. Time for those last minute vacations or stay-cations people!

Of course, now that the school year is getting back into full swing, TSGal is expecting to see more questions like the following one from Jill C., from Columbus, Indiana. She asked:

How can parents help the kids to unwind after they get home?

Oh Mamma mia! There must be thousands of mothers & fathers out there biting their nails, anxiously awaiting the answer to this question. Being that I am not a mom (not yet at least!) I cannot speak from personal experience. However, having done some research as well as talking to women who do have children, I think I have a few ideas to help you out.

1. Let your kids exercise and play without rules. Allow them to get a little wild, so that they eventually become tired and worn out.

2. Let your kids ‘stare into the fire’. Ever sit in front of a fire and find yourself daydreaming and staring into the distance? Use the TV (today’s modern ‘fire’) and let them relax a little bit. I know, TV is bad for kids, but let’s be honest–it can also be a parents best friend. Set some rules regarding content and let the small screen work it’s magic. Besides, a little week night tube never hurt anyone.

3. Relax and unwind WITH your kids. This can be a little difficult for the working mom and dads out there, but if you happen to be home when your kids get back from school, try suggesting some activities (baking; decorating; drawing; etc.) that you can do together. This is the time that your kids actually like you–take advantage of it! If you’re the adventurous type, allow your children to choose the activity and then partake in whatever they select–it’ll be fun for everybody!

4. Bath before bedtime. Nothingmore calming and soothing than a warm bath and becoming clean and refreshed. Yes–even children enjoy this relaxing feeling! (Try some soothing music too!)

5. Let them pick a few books to read before bedtime. Once they’re laying down and watching the pages, the eyes begin to fall heavy… and zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I hope this helps you out! Otherwise, just gotta figure it out as you go along 🙂

I’m sure all of you mothers and fathers out there have a million and one answers to this question! Feel free to comment and share your ideas too!

See you next week!