Before the Next Calendar Year

by TSG on Wed, August 12th, 2009 at 2:47 pm

You may not know it or see it, but Swagbucks constantly has cool things in development and while we’re working on those, we have plenty of other things sitting on deck waiting to be started on. So, it never ends and we love it! This is what’s necessary to reward you guys for being such an awesome community. That said, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak, a very sneak peak, into some of the things that we’re aiming to roll out before January of 2010. You know…just to whet your appetite.

Will we introduce all of these before a new year? We can’t be sure but what is for sure is that we work tirelessly to get all this stuff out as soon as we can because we know you’re just as excited about it as we are.

A brief rundown:

Swagbucks Homepage Update – ‘Swagbucks 3.0′, if you will, will feature a refined layout with some new menu options and an even more navigable page. You might even see some new functions ;-)

New & Improved Swagbucks Toolbar – This is gonna be huge. After years of blood, sweat and toil, we’re finally bringing the Swagbucks toolbar to Firefox and Safari. Safari! Nobody has a Safari toolbar. Well, we do.

Not only that, we’ve given everything a top to bottom overhaurl. Our new and improved toolbar will have all the features of our current toolbar along with feeds from all our social networks, and exclusive messages from the Swag Guy (and you know how rewarding those can be!)

This toolbar will allow you to not only search while surfing other sites but also allow you to get the latest blog & Twitter updates from us as well as check for exclusive codes!

Further Facebook Intergration – Odds are you love facebook. We know you love Swag Bucks. We’re going to be introducing some features that will make it easier to give and receive facebook love on swagbucks and vice versa. That sounds much grosser than it is.

We have lots of cool ways to stay connected to Swagbucks through your Facebook accounts and ways to stay connected to your Facebook via Swagbucks. We also have a really slick Facebook application in the works and that…is very exciting.

Games – Lots of you have requested games to win Swagbucks with. Well it may just be right around the corner. Add to that lots of fun tournaments and the chance to compete against fellow Swaggernauts, this is another exciting new development.

Swaggo – This one is to remain under wraps, but for now…I can tell you its name.

Message Boards – Similar but better to our Facebook Discussion boards, you can discuss all things Swagbucks and things Non-Swagbucks among the Swagbucks community. TSG will also participate in these as well.

More Swagbucks Apparel - Can’t divulge what the next arrivals are but as a hint, some of them go on your head.

More Stores in Shop&Earn - Even more ways to Be Rewarded by providing you more chances to Shop&Earn. We’ll be adding more of your favorite retailers to the Swagbucks family. So you know how you’re always supposed to check for deals in the Shop&Earn before you shop online? Well, this will be like that…only more.

The more online stores we can hook you up with Swag Bucks through the better! Well, that’s what’s happening!

So, there you have it, a few of the really cool things we have on tap for you guys in the coming months.

Tell us, which one are YOU most excited about??? Make sure to leave your user name in your comment because I’ll be selecting a few comments and hooking them up with some Swaggage ;-)

UPDATE: Thanks so much for all the comments, guys. I’ve rewarded the following users with 5 Swag Bucks for their nifty comments:


You guys rock!


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