Even MORE Good News for Gamers!

by TSG on Wed, August 26th, 2009 at 5:39 pm

We’ve hooked up members of Swag Nation up with tons of video games, used consoles and most recently, Brand New Consoles in Swagstakes & the Swag Store from our friends at VPGames. Well, now we’re pleased to start offering Swag Bucks for every purchase you make at VPGames.com. Simply select the items you want to buy, and enter your Swag Name into the “Additional Comments” box during Swag Code. It’s that simple!

The best part is that we’ll be rewarding you with 1 Swag Buck for every $2 you spend over at VPGames.com as opposed to every $5 like all other Shop&Earn stores. There’s plenty of new & used video games to choose from, including consoles. This is a great place to go for new releases, such as Madden 2010 & Assassins Creed II.

So be sure to stop by VPGames today and be rewarded for all your purchases!


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