F-f-f-f-foosball! New Swagstakes!

by TSG on Tue, August 4th, 2009 at 11:46 am

In the history of people being wrong about things, I feel like Bobby Boucher’s mom got it almost the “most wrong” in The Waterboy when she spouted that “foosball is the devil” for two reasons:

1) it’s clearly not
2) she was actually talking about football

So she got it way wrong, twice. If you think I’m wrong, I’ll prove it to you. We’re giving away this sweet foosball table thanks to our friends at eFamilyFun.com. Entries start at just 2 Swag Bucks for something Chandler & Joey spent hours of fun on.

There’s no way that this wonderful game has even an ounce of evil in it. Pure sugary goodness here. Enter this Swagstakes and we’ll announce a winner on September 16th.

Plenty of time to enter, Search&Win, enter again with those Swag Bucks, get Swag Codes, enter with those Swag Bucks and repeat.


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