Fathead Swagstakes!

by TSG on Wed, August 5th, 2009 at 2:00 pm

We’ve got two new Swagstakes for both the sports fan and the comic book fan! I’m fully aware that many of you may be both in which case, great! We have two Fathead packages, each featuring 3 awesome Fatheads,which are life-size decals you can stick to your wall. They are removable, reusable, and remarkable! These have been provided by the good folks at Fathead.com.

The first Fathead Swagstakes are of the Super Hero persuasion. There is a big selection of Super Hero Fatheads and the winner will be able to pick any 3 of the Fatheads available. The Super Hero Fatheads include, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, the Batmobile and more. Your room could look like this!

The second Fathead Swagstakes are NFL Fatheads. There are players, logos, and helmets available from all 32 NFL teams, and the winner of this Swagstakes gets to pick one of each! If you’re a big football fan, this is the Swagstakes for you.
Both of these Swagstakes are just 1 Swag Buck to enter and both end on September 1st! So get as many entries as you can in before then for the Swagstakes of your choosing. In fact, no matter which you decide to enter you may find a rewarding surprise in one of these Swagstakes in the Swag Store before 4PM PDT.

If you guess wrong the first time, go ahead and enter that Swagstakes, and then when you find it in the next one, enter the code and then enter that Swagstakes. If you guess right the first time, enter that Swagstakes, then the other. Or, enter the one you really want to win, I guess it’s your call :P


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