How’s This For A Special Move?

by TSG on Sat, August 8th, 2009 at 3:15 pm

This has to be one of the games I wasted too many hours as a child playing either in pizza place arcades or at friends’ houses trying to best one another. I would pretty much always be Blanka, as he was the only character whose special move I knew. “Oh what’s that, you’re going to jump and kick me, hold on…let me turn into a big green Brazilian bug zapper!” …That was his special move, he became electromagnetic and would emit crazy shocks to anything that touched him.

If I didn’t get Blanka I would be anyone else and rapidly press buttons until my opponent was defeated. This infuriated my friends. My friends loved to be Guile or Ryu, Guile seemed to be the most formidable foe in the entire game, depending on who you were playing of course.

This is one of those classic games and during the month of August we’re giving you 20% more trade-in value for it. This game is like the gift that keeps on giving, first it gave you entertainment, then it gave you bragging rights, then it gave you memories and now…it’s giving you Swag Bucks. Get to the trade-in page to see a list of all the games you can get extra Swag for during August.

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