Let’s Make A Swag Forest!

by TSG on Fri, August 21st, 2009 at 7:00 am

We couldn’t be happier about how these Plant A Tree cards are flying out of the Swag Store. Then, it occurred to me…with all these trees that have been planted thanks to Swagbucks users, we might be starting to fill a forest. In the spirit of that, let’s keep it goin’! Every time you redeem one of these gift cards to Plant a Tree from Seed-the-Earth, imagine you’re adding another tree to a forest getting more and more dense.

These cards are only 15 Swag Bucks to redeem which is why so many trees are on their way into the ground, which is a good thing in tree world ;-) If you missed my first post about this awesome program, see it here and get instructions on what to do after you snag your Plant A Tree card.

Welcome to Swag Forest.


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